Lake George Boat Co. Inc.


The Lake George Boat Company came to be in the early 1930's and was co-owned by Richard Brayton and Clarence Livingston. Richard Brayton

sold his interest to Clarence around 1937.  It was here that Clarence built boats of all types. From Cruisers to runabouts and sailboats. The Lake George Boat Company also offered dockage, storage and repairs as well as gasoline and ice! It was the only facility on the lake capable of hauling out boats up to fifteen tons! It was in the mid 1940's that Clarence sold the boat company to A. Coolidge Thomas of Glens Falls. Coolidge, who had been a civilian flight instructor during WWII, had big plans to make it into a sea plane docking facility. But, the lack of interest snuffed out that dream. But the boatyard grew in popularity over the years to where it is today. In 1972 when Dave was just 14, his family began docking a boat here where Coolidge had an undercover slip available for them. As Dave and his family returned each summer, Dave's intrest grew in boats and the operation of the boat company. Once he got his drivers licence, he would make the hour's drive up from the Albany area every chance he had to help out Coolidge or just hang out with him.

Rick's uncle had a boat here as well and he too as a youngster, enjoyed being around the boatyard along with his cousin. After getting married and starting a family of his own at a young age, Rick bought a boat and returned to the boat company where he became good friends with Coolidge.

In 1986, Rick and Dave teamed up with Coolidge to form the Lake George Boat Company Inc.

Coolidge passed away at the age of 76, but worked up to and including the day he died.

Lake George Boat Company Inc., works much the same as it always has as a family oriented boatyard.

Rick and Dave are fortunate to have two dedicated employees.  Todd, who has been with us for the past 22 years and Brian for the past 12 years.

Everyone works together to make sure our family of customers will enjoy the precious little time they have to spend together boating on Lake George.